Dateline: PHU LOI – Viet Nam Series Book 1

Dateline: PHU LOI – Viet Nam Series Book 1
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Series: Viet Nam Series, Book 1
Genres: Action & Adventure, Historical Fiction
For one dedicated reporter, Vietnam wasn't politics, wasn't strategy, wasn't parades. It was reality. The real war didn't happen in a Pentogon or Saigon briefing room. The real war happened in -country. For the soldier in the field, Vietnam was the terror of walking point deep in the Jungle, it was a white knuckled helicopter flight into the heart of darkness. Vietnam was an enemy you never saw, a budd's life snuffed out in front of you. That was the real story of Vietnam, the story that didn't make the papers as often as a general's speech or a politition's press conference. But one reporter is changing all that. And his reports from then and there bring readers straight to a part of hell.
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