Fremont St, The Jersey Boys and other Las Vegas adventures

Ruth and I just returned from a whirlwind visit to Las Vegas. As I posted last week, it was a business trip… BUT… thanks to my publisher, Wolfpack Publishing, it was also an enjoyable trip. I was amazed at how much Las Vegas has changed in the last 52 years. When I led a military convoy down the strip in Las Vegas more than half a century ago, it was little more than an overactive small town…. with a population of around 60,000. Today it is a bursting at the seams megalopolis, ten times larger than it was then.

One of the highlights of the trip was seeing the show, THE JERSEY BOYS about Frankie Vali and The Four Seasons. On stage, the cast members portraying The Four Seasons, began to sing the song DAWN. Suddenly, as if falling through some time altering wormhole, I was no longer in the Paris Theater surrounded by an audience of thousands. It was the year 1964, and I was in a bar across the highway from Gate Number 7 at Ft. Campbell, KY. Recently divorced, I was feeling very sorry for myself, trying to reintegrate into the “singles” world. I was drinking a beer and checking out the scene when Linda, one of the bar girls, put a nickel into the jukebox. That was the first time I ever heard the song DAWN.

Each song they sang during the entire show transported me through that same worm-hole to a different time and a different place. Ruth and I talked about that after the show, and we realized that while half the audience was old enough to be reliving their own life-experiences…. fully half the audience was too young to relate in such a way. Though I’m sure they enjoyed the music, for the sake of the music, there had to be many subtleties that went right over their heads…. such as one of the cast members folding his arms across his chest, clutching each arm and saying: “Tonight…on our show…” because so many of the younger ones had no idea who Ed Sullivan was.

We also visited Fremont Street, which was quite an experience…. an overhead light show that was fifteen hundred feet long, consisting of brilliantly displayed colors and patterns…. competing for attention with beautiful topless young women who moved, casually, through the crowd. And… no matter where we went, there was always a crowd.

Here are a couple of photographs to highlight our trip.

Ruth and me on Fremont Street

Freemont Street

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my personal staff

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